Concerts at 54 Below, the Duplex, and the 24 Hour Musicals Contest!

So many updates/ so little time on this freezing Friday! 

1. Swipe Right/ Swipe Left is THIS TUESDAY, MARCH 3rd 7PM at the Duplex! Tessa and I are so psyched to share this show with you. Only 3 more days to get your advanced (aka cheaper) tickets! Click here for tickets and more info

2. On March 5th, we'd love to have you join us for Lindsay Mendez and Ryan Scott Oliver's ACTOR THERAPY AT 54 BELOW. All I can say is that I'll be bringing some Sara Bareilles to the stage and a very special 90s girl band tribute to the finale. Click here for tickets and more info.

3. I'm in the top 10 for the 24 Hour Musicals Contest, but just barely! Voting closes March 1st, and every vote makes a difference in this close race to the finals! I wrote a weird little song about hand sanitizer and the subway....on the'll see. 

Oof. That's that! Have a magical weekend, everyone! In short: get your tickets! Get your tickets! Vote if you can! Xxo