Guest Blog Alert! How I Sunday: Issue 14

A forever fan, sometimes model, and now contributing writer for Sunday Forever! So grateful to be featured. Excerpt from my piece below:

Dear Reader,

I have been unfairly deemed a villain. She shows such contempt towards me, a loyal companion of many years. The most recent incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. She analyzed and dissected me like a science class specimen.  I felt utterly disrespected, and this letter may be the only vehicle with which I may explain myself.

The facts: I started my work at 9AM  (there’s no rest for the wicked, right, dear reader?).  The grueling 8 hours that followed were a slow build that lead to a rather severe eruption around 5PM (EST).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I like structure. I like routine. My agendas are as clear, concise, and cogent as possible. Those are the hallmarks of a strong leader. When I enter a space, I am in charge, and that’s the way it has always been -- but on this day, she decided to challenge me, ignore my intentions. Her obstinance was an unexpected SNAFU on the relatively simple morning I had planned.  A work disruption like this is not, let us say, pleasing to me.

It all started with a call. The incessant ringing. The volume increasing as it neared. I don’t take calls. But she made me answer it.

The content and the caller are unimportant, but what followed was forcible participation in her work-- related emails and texts that irritated me to no end, each <<ding!>> a  reminder of her insolence. I kept trying to bring her back to the day I had planned. It exhausted me. I think she could sense my weakness and was, I admit, able to convince me to lie down. This “mandatory relaxation time,” disconnected me physically from my work even further. She massaged me. I tried to resist.

I wondered whether this pursuit of intimacy was inappropriate, whether we were crossing any lines, but it was at this moment she was gentle with my growing outrage, maternal even, and I didn't know how to thank her. So I didn't...

Read the full piece at The Sunday Issue! (Published September 9, 2018)